So you have finally overcome the stress of obtaining your education degree but now you still face one more obstacle, the licensing exam. Teacher licensing exams are required across the country to certify teachers to teach elementary through high school classes. Of course you have heard horror stories of a person being unable to pass their exam after multiple attempts, but just because it happened to one person does not mean that it will happen to you. While the licensing exams are not meant to be easy, many still allow multiple attempts such as the Core Subjects EC-6 and the FTCE K-6. What this means is just because you may not pass every section the first time, at least you know you always have the option for a second attempt. Do not let yourself be intimidated by stories you see online or of friends in your class. With the right approach to studying for your teacher license exam, you can easily pass the exam.


A big part of being prepared for your teacher license exam is knowing what to expect. While you may know the subjects the test will cover, if you do not know the type of questions to expect or study for then you can be a little blindsided. To prepare for this you should look for a FTCE K-6 practice test or practice tests for whatever exam you are taking. Taking a practice test and treating it like the real thing can prepare you mentally and help guide your studying efforts.


Another important part of being prepared and passing your license exam is studying. You are often able to find elementary CORE Subjects EC-6 study guide online, at the library, or other places. Study guides give you examples of previous tests so you can prepare for the type of questions and material that will be covered. Do not just rely on classes you took a few semesters ago. Preparing for your exam means using study guides to sharpen your knowledge of the subject.


Anxiety is a problem for a lot of people preparing for these tests. They often assume the worst when they are taking the test and this can become overwhelming. You should avoid looking at the worst case scenarios in regards to these tests. While some people will fail, you should not assume that you will too. Even if you do there will be opportunities to learn from your mistakes and take the exam again. The best thing you can do to deal with this anxiety is studying and preparing for the test. To know more about teachers, visit



Once you pass your texes 235 teacher licensing exam you are going to get an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and excitement. This is the culmination of all the hard work you put into your education. You should approach studying for this test with a lot of hard work and dedication. If you study properly, take practice tests, and do not stress yourself out too much you will find that you are able to easily pass the test. You have made it this far, so there is no doubt you have the ability to do whatever you want.